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Now available in paperback

How To Bake Without Baking Powder
modern and historical alternatives for light and tasty baked goods
from The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos by Leigh Tate
Now in both electronic and paperback editions.
Originally an eBook, this "prepper" edition supplies a hardcopy version of How To Bake Without Baking Powder for the homesteading preparedness library. The information will always be available even when electronic devices are not.

Covers the science and history of leavening, enabling you to create your own leavening power by understanding and utilizing basic kitchen chemistry. Includes how to make sour milk, buttermilk, and sourdough starter, plus the author's hardwood ash baking experiments. The hard copy format allows for an extensive index and nine charts of baking powder substitutes. Contains 54 modern and historical recipes utilizing 20 different baking powder alternatives.
9 x 6 inch paperback, 105 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9897111-3-5
ISBN-10: 0-9897111-3-7
List price:
paperback $5.99
eBook $2.99
What is Baking Powder?
Baking Soda (The Alkali)
Cream of Tartar (The Acid)
Common Kitchen Substitutes for Cream of Tartar
How To Make Sour Milk
Buttermilk: Cultured Versus Traditional
How To Make Cultured Buttermilk
Cocoa Powder: Natural Versus Dutch
Not So Common Kitchen Substitutes for Cream of Tartar
How To Make Sourdough Starter
Are There Substitutes for Baking Soda?
Baker's Ammonia (Hartshorn)
Before There Was Baking Soda: Potash, Pearlash, & Saleratus
Hardwood Ashes
Experiments in Baking with Wood Ash
Ash Water Vs. Lye Water Vs. Lye Water: Are They All the Same?
Other Historical Leaveners
What About Eggs?
The Little Things Matter

Charts (print version):
Homemade Baking Powder (how to)
To Test the Potency of Baking Powder
To Substitute Cream of Tartar & Baking Soda for Baking Powder
Common Kitchen Substitutes for Cream of Tartar
To Substitute Natural or Dutch Cocoa Powder
To Substitute Sourdough Starter for Baking Powder
To Substitute Eggshell for Baking Soda
To Substitute Baker's Ammonia for Baking Powder or Baking Soda
To Substitute Potash or Pearlash for Baking Soda
Chart of Baking Powder Substitutes
The pH of Various Foods, Bases
The pH of Various Foods, Acids

54 recipes featuring 20 baking powder alternatives
Extensive index (print version only)
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