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5 Acres & A Dream The Sequel: Lessons Learned in the Quest for a Self-Sufficient Homestead  by Leigh Tate

"Give a man and fish you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. Well, in 5 Acres & a Dream The Sequel, Leigh Tate teaches us how to fish:  That is, “How” to plan your working homestead—and not merely “what” to plan—along with not lettin’ the plan plan you! This book is real-life Homesteading 101, where the value of making “a living” over making a profit is clearly put forth. And as if all that weren’t good enough, Leigh gives us plenty of fish to eat in the form of top-notch homesteading “how-to’s”, borne from her and Dan’s personal experience.”
—Gary “Pa Mac” McWilliams of The Farm Hand’s Companion Show on YouTube

This book opens a window into the everyday life of a homesteading couple, complete with the joys, the plans, and the dreams that you'd expect, but also the failures and the struggles that they face along the way. Rather than a textbook filled with emotionless lists of ideas or techniques, this book makes me feel like I am joining Leigh and Dan on their journey and learning what it really feels like to be a homesteader.

"Those considering homesteading will get an unvarnished look at creating a self-sustaining food production system in this book. With discussions ranging from master planning the property to growing a garden and preservation, the author provides invaluable insight about the effort required to fully switch to a homegrown diet. A homestead — no matter its size — is a labor of love and that is evident in the stories the author shares about her own efforts in developing a productive piece of property. "

"Leigh and Dan are well on their way to realizing their dream of a self-reliant and sustainable homesteading life. After twelve years with a strong sense of purpose and lots of research, hard work, and trial and error, they are sharing their knowledge in 5 Acres & A Dream: The Sequel. Leigh is a captivating writer who combines personal stories with how-to advice to create a book for homesteading dreamers, experienced small farmers, and urban dwellers who want to be responsible consumers. I’m always learning something valuable from Leigh’s books and her blog to improve my own off-the-grid lifestyle.
—Margy Lutz, editor of Off the Grid: Getting Started

So many homesteading texts are written by authors heavy on book-learning intelligence and light on trial-and-error wisdom. Five Acres & A Dream: The Sequel bucks that trend. Instead, Leigh Tate walks in the footsteps of the Nearings, whose The Good Life spans many decades and two states. Read along as Tate and her husband aim for self-sufficiency in both ordinary and extraordinary ways, finding the middle ground that ensures they'll stick it out for the long haul. Inspirational and educational. Highly recommended!"
—Anna Hess, author of The Weekend Homesteader

This is an inspiring book to read. The dream that started “5 Acres & A Dream” is still very much alive, with lessons learned along the way that we can all benefit from. Leigh and Dan’s self sufficiency is inspiring. It’s great to read a book written 10 years on, and their goals of_self-reliance, simplicity, sustainability, stewardship, seasonal living, and self-supporting_are still the same. There’s a lot of reflection and problem solving in the book, there are tons of recommendations and resources for all kinds of things, there is tons of great advice. This is not just a book, but also a homesteader’s experience to learn from, and all they have encountered along the way. If you want to be inspired to follow your heart and get back to the land, read this book."
—Kate Downham, author of Backyard Dairy Goats

"5 Acres & A Dream The Sequel will take you on a journey of 2 people trying to achieve simplicity, sustainability, and stewardship on their own homestead. As you read this book you will gain insights into what it means to live as a homesteader—a life that is challenging but also rewarding and more connected to the world around you. Whether you’re new to homesteading or an experienced homesteader you will learn a lot from Leigh and Dan as you follow along on their homesteading journey. "
–Daron Williams, Wild Homesteading

"This book made me realize that even in this go-it-alone shaping of my last farm, I can do it. I only need to reshape my path and avail myself of smarter ways to do it. I also need to accept that if what I shape is not the dream of complete sustainability, I have not failed. This book is a gold mine of information that is applicable to anyone at any stage of stewardship and sustainability."
—Terry C. Garratt, Walnetto Farm