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about 5 Acres & A Dream The Book:  The Challenges of Establishing A Self-Sufficient Homestead  by Leigh Tate

Be sure to check out MichiganSnowPony's review on YouTube.

"5 Acres & A Dream: The Challenges of Establishing a Self-Sufficient Household is a must-have whether you’re from the city or countryside." (read more)

This is a book that anyone, novice homesteader wannabe or someone experienced and living off the grid for years, would enjoy and be able to find both knowledge and kinship in its pages.  It’s not always an easy journey but in the end, it’s a worthwhile journey and she has done it all with a grace and fighting spirit that would make those that have come before us (and done it) proud.
" (read more)

"Have you ever picked up a book and found that you actually can’t believe how much you’ve read when you finish your coffee (or tea for those leaning towards the leaf drink)? Not so much easy to read but more that it merges from the page to the brain with zero effort ... This is how I felt reading 5 Acres & a Dream by Leigh Tate. " (read more)

"If I were starting out, her's would be the book I would buy, read and heed.
" (read more)

I loved it!" (read more)
Deborah F. WIlliford, Countin The Days

What this book is……a look in to the mind of Leigh and her husband Dan, and why they chose to do the things they did ...  From why she chose to go with the breed of goats or chickens she has, to why she was focused on revamping the house when they bought it, Leigh gives you insight into her thought process, what is important to her in her journey to being self-sufficient, and what worked and didn’t work for her." (read more)
Stephanie Bateman, Caffinated Homestead

"She's also an excellent researcher and has pulled together lots and lots of valuable information you will have at your fingertips by holding your own copy of her book." (read more)

She has done a fabulous job, and even if you're not interested in living a self- sufficient life, she has written like the friend next door - you just want to know more.  Five stars!"
Sharon Campbell, In Stitches
"Leigh’s writing style is clear, concise and a pleasure to read. Her honesty is refreshing ... There is much wisdom to glean here for people who dream about homesteading but seem far away from the goal." (read more)
Scott M Terry, North Country Farmer
"If you're looking for a book that will challenge your thinking and inspire you to pursue your homesteading goals, you should definitely check out Leigh's book" (read more)

"Leigh...Your book came's wonderful! I keep flipping through the pages and stroking the cover: I just love everything about it. I hope you sell millions of copies!"

"The book is well written, easy to read and broken into sensible chapters." (Read more)

"If I were to use a star rating for this book, It would be in the hundreds. It's a great read for the cold winter days for any one who is looking forward to Spring and have a Dream of their own! The pictures and maps are wonderful and behind it all is the 'MASTER PLAN'." (Read more)
Tom Stewart, Worms-a-Crawling Farm