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Critter Tales Series
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

Chicken Tales
Chicken Tales

Chicken Talesis the second eBook in the Critter Tales Series. It begins at the beginning by discussing appropriate housing, types and numbers of chickens, and includes a cost analysis of owning chickens versus buying eggs, plus how and why chickens stop laying eggs. You'll learn what makes a good rooster (and what doesn't), the realities of the chicken pecking order, how to introduce hatchery chicks to a broody hen, what causes broodiness and what to do about it, the best way to introduce new chicks to the flock, a good coop design, and how to convince chickens to move from old housing to new. Also covers spraddle leg in chicks, chick killers and how to catch them, the nutritional benefits of free-range versus store-bought eggs, a simple homemade feed recipe, how to scare away hawks, how to store extra eggs for when the chickens aren't laying, how to calculate storage space for a year's worth of feed, and an easier way to make compost by partnering with chickens.

Each volume includes relevant research and life experience in working toward self-sustaining homesteading, plus a list of useful resources.
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