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Critter Tales Series
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

Goat Tales
Goat Tales

Goat Tales is the third eBook in the Critter Tales Series, weaving useful information into the author's experiences: types of fencing for goats, basic fence installation, choosing a breed, and dual-purpose goats for the homestead. Tales include problems with collars and horns, disbudding versus dehorning, various ways to deter goats with water, the environmental ethics of eating meat, thoughts on pricing extra kids to sell, grain and the goat digestive system, and working toward sustainable goat keeping: homegrown feeds, minerals, forage, and hay. Also covers the author's experiences and research with CAE, pregnancy toxemia, hypocalcemia, mastitis, congested udder, hoof rot, broken bones, goat polio, coccidiosis, retained placenta, contracted tendons, and difficult births. Discusses both medical and herbal treatments for goats, plus minerals for health and how to feed the rumen.

Each volume includes relevant research and life experience in working toward self-sustaining homesteading, plus a list of useful resources.
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