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Critter Tales Series
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

Honeybee Tales & Postscript
Honeybee Tales:
A beginning beekeeper's adventures in natural beekeeping

Honeybee Tales is the ninth eBook in the Critter Tales Series. Honeybee Tales focuses on the author's choices and selection of natural beekeeping and the top bar beehive. Explains the Warré philosophy of beekeeping and introduces the reader to the Warré beehive. Discusses the use of essential oils to attract bees and repel Varroa mites, nadiring (as opposed to supering) to expand the hive, and planting a bee garden. Includes the Critter Tales Postscript, following up on the author's critters.

Each volume includes relevant research and life experience in working toward self-sustaining homesteading, plus a list of useful resources.
List price USD: $3.99
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