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Critter Tales
What my homestead critters have taught me about
themselves, their world, and how to be a part of it

 by Leigh Tate
Critter Tales by Leigh Tate
Similar in style to 5 Acres and a Dream The Book, Critter Tales presents an entertaining but honest exploration of the challenges of sustainable critter keeping on a self-reliant homestead: suitable breeds, numbers of animals, housing, fencing, growing one's own feed, health issues, mysterious disappearances and deaths, dealing with predators, critters that won't stay put, and how the animals themselves don't always agree with "the experts." Discusses the various philosophies of keeping livestock, and includes the author's extensive research and real-life learning experiences with chickens, goats, llamas, puppies, guinea fowl, cats, pigs, and honeybees on the homestead. Paperback or click here for the eBook version.
Includes 92 tales, 216 photos, a list of resources, and an extensive index.
9 x 6 inch paperback, 389 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9897111-2-8
ISBN-10: 0989711129
List price: $14.95

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