Building an Index = Catching Inconsistencies

Something I’ve discovered while working on the index for 5 Acres & A Dream The Sequel, is numerous inconsistencies in the way I’ve used some words and phrases. Hyphenating, for example. Some places, I might have written “long term,” others, it might be “long-term.” Or I might have done the internet thing and made two words into one, such as “lifespan” in some places and “life span” in others. Sometimes I capitalized some words, and sometimes not, for example, Master Plan and master plan. I also discovered that I used variations of the same quote three times!

Technically, an editor should have caught these, but they slipped through just the same. So, when I’m using the find function on my PDF copy to make a list of page numbers for my index words and discover these, I stop and check proper spelling. Then I go back to my desktop publisher and correct them.

Style manuals, editors, and readers may disagree with me on some things, but at least I’ll be consistent!