6th Proof Ordered

This morning I ordered the sixth proof for my book. It all boils down to what I think is an acceptable cover. Actually, I’m learning a lot.

The cover template includes a trim line (dotted) and bleed/trim variance area (pink).

template_trim&bleed Photos must extend over the trim line and cover the bleed area to ensure no white lines on the outside when the cover is printed.  The bleed area is 0.125 (1/8 inch) over the trim line. Inside the trim line another 0.125″ is allowed for trim variance. Printers keep the trim within those margins.

What I’m learning, is that 1/4 inch can make a huge difference in how the cover photos and text look, especially for a cover like mine with five photos. Even the same cover will look different if the trim is off a bit one way or another.

The challenge is to design a cover that doesn’t have these problems! I probably shouldn’t have started out with something so complex for my first book. But the cover design is in keeping with my blog, I think.

Hopefully, this is the last one! Hopefully, this one will be perfect, or at least acceptable. Of course, I’ve said that about all of them. I reckon I’ll just have to wait and see.


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