7th Proof = Cover Success

What a relief to open my package from CreateSpace yesterday. I almost didn’t want to. But I did and was so happy to have finally figured my cover file out.

If I had it to do over, I’d say that I would not choose such a complex cover for a first book. I did learn a lot about both Scribus and Gimp, I will say that. These last several I built in Gimp, saved as jpegs, and then loaded in Scribus 1.5 to export as a PDF/X-1 file to upload to CreateSpace.

The proof has been approved and the next step is to set my book up on Amazon. Then I’m going to try the same process with Lightning Source, for expanded distribution. At this point, I’m glad I started with CreateSpace. Proofs plus shipping cost me about $7.50 each, as opposed to LSI, which I believer is about $30 per proof. I’d be in the poorhouse if I’d had all these problems with them!

I know there will be different guidelines, however, but hopefully I can manage these without problems.




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