Leigh Tate: homesteader, writer, reader, amateur photographer, blogger, analytical thinker, Linux devotee, fiber artist, gardener, goatherd, chicken wrangler, house remodeler, and finally, indie author.

When I was a little girl I had a burning to desire to write a book. I used to tell God that if He would give me a typewriter, then I would write a book. Although that prayer was not answered when and how I wanted it to be, the desire to write never left me.

My writing finally found it’s venue with blogging and I’ve had a number of blogs over the years:

With a fellow bloggers encouragements, I found myself on the journey of self-publishing and putting 5 Acres & A Dream into a book. I found that I loved it, every step of the way. The more I wrote, the more book ideas I had. Will they make it into print? We’ll see.

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