Prepper’s Livestock Handbook ready for pre-order!

It’s almost hard to believe that my newest book is done and ready to hit the presses. So many days filled with writing and re-writing, that it’s hard to believe it’s done! Here’s the TOC.

Intro: What is Homesteading? Why Homestead? Who Is This Book For?
Chapter 1: First Things First
Chapter 2: Best Breeds for Self-Reliance
Chapter 3: Barns, Shelters, and Fencing
Chapter 4: Forage and Feed
Chapter 5: Breeding and Pregnancy
Chapter 6: Blessed Events: Birthing and Hatching
Chapter 7: Eggs, Milk, and Meat
Chapter 8: Keeping Them Healthy
Chapter 9: Keeping Them Safe
Chapter 10: Keeping Things Manageable
Conclusion: If SHTF

192 pages with a list price of $15.95, it will be available on June 15 in both paperback and eBook formats. It can be pre-ordered now at:

Barnes & Noble
Independent local book stores everywhere (Follow the link to find the one nearest you.)

To Do List

About the Author

It’s kinda nice not having to do the index, interior formatting and design, copyright page, and cover. I’ve never minded doing these things for my self-published books, but not having to do them is something of a relief.

The Deadline Loometh

February 1st is approaching and there’s no way to stop it! But I’m making good progress and hope to be going back through my manuscript soon to work on continuity and whatever I left blank in hopes of better inspiration at a later date.

I have to say I am so glad that I asked for an extension on the manuscript deadline. The original deadline was December 1st, which has come and gone. Even though I thought I could meet it, I figured I’d better give myself a little more time and so asked for February 1st just in case. The homesteading life isn’t one that can often be put on hold until a future date. When it’s time to harvest, it’s time to go pick fruits or vegetables before they fall to the ground and rot. Then it’s time to preserve the heaps and mounds accumulating on the countertop! When it’s time to plant for fall pasture and a winter garden, then it must be done or there will be none until next year! And then sometimes I just have to get up and walk away from the computer.

As much as I don’t like the pressure of a deadline, I have to say that having it has helped me establish a more steady routine with my writing. Now after morning chores, I head to the computer and start writing. At lunchtime I take a break and then switch gears for the afternoon because I’m ready for it. This has established a habit that I hope will serve me well once Prepper’s Livestock Handbook is finally put to press. (They changed the title after reading my first 5,000 words.) Maybe I’ll be able to be more diligent on my self-published projects! At least I’m hoping so.

Now back to work.

Minor Glitch & Short Delay

When my third print proof of Critter Tales arrived the day before Thanksgiving, I was very happy with the cover, but dismayed to find that many of the interior photos had vertical stripes running through them. These weren’t on my PDF copy, so I suspected a problem with the CreateSpace printing press.

I’ve always found CreateSpace to have excellent customer service and I was not disappointed when I sent them a message about this problem. They agreed it appeared to be a printing problem and ordered another proof to be sent to me directly. In the meantime I scoured that third proof and found a few minor things to correct. I uploaded an updated PDF and waited for that fourth proof to arrive. It arrived as promised and the interior photos are much improved.

That meant I had arrived at the point of no return! Once in print, there is no more editing and correcting. It is what it is. I approved the proof. It can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to go live on Amazon, which is only a couple of days behind my hoped for schedule. Expect the official announcement shortly.

Pleased to Announce Book 7 in The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos


While waiting on the next proof of Critter Tales, I sat down and put the finishing touches on this little eBook, the seventh in my The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos.

“What better cheese for your homemade pizza than homemade mozzarella? This little eBook tells you not only how to make a quick mozzarella cheese from goats’ milk (no microwave necessary), but also gives you the science behind working with goats’ milk to make high quality cheeses. Explains the difference between quick and cultured mozzarella, how to pasteurize your milk if desired, how to make brine, how to make the cheese, and numerous uses for whey including how to make a true whey ricotta with no additional milk.”

Like the other books in this series, it sells for only 99 cents. Click here to go to this book’s webpage with a list of websites where it can be purchased.

67 Copies Short of 5000 Sold

I’ve been so busy trying to get Critter Tales ready for publication that I haven’t paid any attention to 5 Acres & A Dream The Book. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered that my total sales so far are 4933 copies sold. That’s just 67 copies short of 5000! It remains in Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers in the Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Living categories. Considering my average monthly sales, I should reach the 5000 mark by the end of the month.

Another Critter for Critter Tales

Just when I reached the huge milestone of finishing the first draft (with the exception of the conclusion), we added another critter to the homestead – honeybees! I have been amazed at the interest there has been in this, and decided to include them in Critter Tales.

This will be a short section, since it can only include my research and first experiences. As my editor said, however, the adventure can always continue in Critter Tales Volume 2. 🙂


Critter Tales Update

I just finished the last of the first drafts for the “tales”, and I feel pretty good about it. My writing list now looks like this:

Chicken Tales
Goat Tales
Kitty Tales
Llama Tales
Puppy Tales
Guinea Tales
Pig Tales

Still to write are an introduction and conclusion, also suggested additions from my beta readers. I’ve had a variety of people reading through the various tales and have some wonderful suggestions to incorporate.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I feel like I’ve reached an important milestone. What a relief.