Critter Tales Progress Report

Phase one is the writing and editing. I have seven sections on my outline, each one containing as many “Tales” (chapters) as it takes! The ones with a first draft written are crossed off the following list. The rest await being written.

Concerning Critters (introduction)
Chicken Tales
Goat Tales
Kitty Tales
Llama Tales
Puppy Tales
Guinea Tales
Pig Tales
Looking Ahead (Conclusion)

Some sections are longer than others. For example, we’ve had cats, chickens, and goats the longest, so there are more tales to tell. The other sections are considerably shorter.

Finishing the above list is the first step. Once I’m satisfied with the text I can move on to working on formatting the book interior and adding pictures. With 5 Acres & A Dream The Book, I learned the hard way to finish the writing before getting on with the rest. Doing it in proper order will be less frustrating in the long run, I think.

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