Gradually Expanding Sales Channels

I finally got listed on Barnes & Noble. That means my participation in expanded distribution is kicking in. On the one hand it’s good, because it means more options for people. The way the expanded distribution is set up, however, it means lower royalties. No matter, the point is to sell books. Not that I’m expecting to make my fortune, but getting it into the hands of others who like it is a rewarding feeling.

I also signed up to participate in Amazon Associates affiliate program. Apparently quite a few CreateSpace authors do this. It means that if someone clicks through on the book link on my blog or website and purchases the book, the associate gets a small percentage. The percentage is calculated on the entire purchase, which could be nice. For selling one to seven items through that link I can get 4%. If I sell a total of 8 items, I can get 6%. I confess I have mixed feeling about monetizing my blog, and have turned down every request for an ad or guest post I’ve received. Since this is my link, or links for products I’m pointing out to others, I’m going to give this a try. Again, no fortune, just content with every little bit that helps.

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