Links for Writers

Links for writers and self-publishers.


10 Common Grammar Mistakes

How to Use Commas


Book Creation

The Parts of a Book

How To Build An Index

 Page Numbering

Acknowledgement page

The Copyright Page


Book Design

Basic Book Design

Self-Publishing Basics: 5 Layout Mistakes that Make You Look Unprofessional

5 Newbie Layout Mistakes

Top 10 Book Cover Design Tips for Self-Publishers




Writers and Editors: Indie publishing, digital publishing, and POD resources

Getting Ready to Publish

Tools For Self-Publishing

Free Downloads from 12on14

The Book Designer: Self-Publishing Basics

Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know

Top 10 Worst Self-Publishing Mistakes – Explained


Print-On-Demand Services






Self-Publishing Articles by Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

The Book Designer Articles

Aaron Shepard’s Publishing Page

Copyright Page Samples You Can Copy & Paste Into Your Book

6 Copyright Page Disclaimers to Copy & Paste Into Your Book

Bowker Identifier Services


Book Categories

How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for Writers


Online Tools

EasyBib Bibliography and Citation Generator for websites

Online Grammar Check

Rhyme Zone

Sort My List – Alphabetizer

Aaron Shepherd’s Sales Rank Express for Amazon


Tracking Tools

Sales Rank Tracker


Amazon Sales Rank Tracker


Other Considerations:

Taxes and the Book Author

Tackle Tax Season

Hobbyist vs. Pro — Tax Guidelines for Book Authors

Is Your Hobby A For-Profit Endeavor?



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