Minor Glitch & Short Delay

When my third print proof of Critter Tales arrived the day before Thanksgiving, I was very happy with the cover, but dismayed to find that many of the interior photos had vertical stripes running through them. These weren’t on my PDF copy, so I suspected a problem with the CreateSpace printing press.

I’ve always found CreateSpace to have excellent customer service and I was not disappointed when I sent them a message about this problem. They agreed it appeared to be a printing problem and ordered another proof to be sent to me directly. In the meantime I scoured that third proof and found a few minor things to correct. I uploaded an updated PDF and waited for that fourth proof to arrive. It arrived as promised and the interior photos are much improved.

That meant I had arrived at the point of no return! Once in print, there is no more editing and correcting. It is what it is. I approved the proof. It can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to go live on Amazon, which is only a couple of days behind my hoped for schedule. Expect the official announcement shortly.

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