Nifty LibreOffice Trick for Hyperlinking an eBook TOC

MS Word offers a split screen feature, where one can work on two parts of the same document simultaneously. LibreOffice doesn’t have that feature, but it can do something similar to make the job of creating an eBooks table of contents just as easy.


By selecting “New Window” in an open document, a second copy of the document will open. I can create my bookmarks for the TOC on one

LO_nifty_trick2band create my hyperlinks with the other.

LO_nifty_trick3bChanges are made on both copies; I only have to save on the original. The beauty of this is that I can easily see which sections have been hyperlinked, and which ones haven’t.

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2 Responses to Nifty LibreOffice Trick for Hyperlinking an eBook TOC

  1. Garrett says:

    This is interesting as I’ve had all sorts of problems trying to get the formatting/etc. for TOCs in my ebooks to look and feel right. I did some research recently and couldn’t really find a consistent and easy way to convert a MSWord document to ebook and have the TOC come through correctly.

    I gave up at the time — maybe it’s time to take another try at it.

    • Leigh says:

      I suggest heading over the the Smashwords website and downloading Mark Coker’s free “The Smashwords Style Guide”. He goes into the how-to of a TOC with Word. It’s very informative!

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