Progress on The Sequel: Interior Design

I always feel like the biggest job in building a book in writing the text. Then I start on putting the pages together! There are soooo many steps. Each image and text box must individually be sized and positioned on each page. All of this is done in the desktop publisher.

Periodically, I check for problems and correct them.

Once the chapters and appendices are done, I’ll add page numbers, make a PDF copy, and start working on the index. The last job will be designing the cover.

I’m just finishing up chapter eight, and have five more to go plus the conclusion and then the back matter. I keep reminding myself that it isn’t a marathon; to take my time and do each step carefully. Rushing results in mistakes and even though this is self-published, I want it to be as professional looking as I can.

Between this, planting, and other spring chores, I’m busy, busy, busy! Onward!

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