Two More eBooks

I’ve added two more titles to my The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos.

2newHow To Make An Herbal Salve: an introduction to salves, creams, ointments, & more

How To mix Feed Rations With The Pearson Square: grains, protein, calcium, phosphorous, balance, & more

I finished my “Goat Tales” section for Critter Tales before Thanksgiving and decided to take a break while it’s off to my editor. Finishing these two eBooks has been my project over the holidays. I announced one on my homestead blog but have yet to announce the other, because I first need to update the other eBooks in the series. The beauty of eBooks is that they can be edited and updated after they’ve been published. That means I can correct mistakes, clarify sections, tweak formatting, even answer questions folks have asked after they’ve read the books.

The other thing I can do is keep a link list for the entire series in each eBook, plus my print books (well, only one print book so far, two one of these days). All the links go to my Kikobian Books website, which I update as well. In that sense, eBooks are a good tool for advertising and promoting one’s own work.

Once I get all the updating done it’s back the the Critter Tales grindstone. I must decide which critter is next. Cat Tales? Pig Tales? Llama Tales? I’ll let you know once I get started on it.

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