What Readers Are Saying

I’ve added a new page to my publishing website, “What Readers Are Saying.” As consumers, much of the way we evaluate potential purchases is through the experience and opinions of others. I know I personally trust these more than I do an advertisement.

Since so many purchases are made through Amazon, the reviews here are key, I’m told. I have ten so far (here), and am grateful for each one. I even have one on Amazon UK! (Here). Other book selling websites also have places for reviews, but as far as I know, I have none anywhere else. There are also a number of book reader oriented websites, such as Goodreads, which I did sign up for. Trouble is, keeping up with all of them could turn into a full time job itself and I simply don’t have the time.

Many people do book reviews on their blogs or websites, and these seemed too valuable a resource to be lost in cyber infinity. So I created the “What Readers Are Saying” page. With everyone’s permission (of course) I’m collecting quotes from emails and blog reviews as I find them, with links back to the blog reviews.  I’m still doodling with it, so comments on it or suggestions are welcome.

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