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The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos from 5 Acres & A Dream
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

How To Make Goats' Milk Mozzarella
How To Make Mozzarella from Goats' Milk:  plus what to do with all that whey including make ricotta

What better cheese for your homemade pizza than homemade goat milk mozzarella? This volume of The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos teaches you how to make a delicious, quick mozzarella cheese from goats' milk without a microwave. You'll learn the science behind working with goats' milk to make high quality cheeses of all kinds. Explains the differences between goat and cows milk, cultured mozzarella versus quick, whole milk versus skim, and the different kinds of rennet available. Tells you how to pasteurize the milk if desired, how to make brine, how to make the cheese, and numerous uses for whey including how to make two whey cheeses: ricotta and gjetost.
Not a Cows' Milk Recipe
About Mozzarella
Cultured Versus Quick
Whole Milk Versus Skim
Supplies & Equipment (no microwave necessary)
About Pasteurization
About Rennet
Planning Ahead: Preparation
How to Make the Brine
How to Make the Mozzarella
What to do with all of that Whey
How to Make Ricotta How to Make Gjetost

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