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The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos from 5 Acres & A Dream
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

How To Preserve Eggs
How To Preserve Eggs: freezing, pickling, dehydrating, larding, water glassing, & more

Have chickens? Ever wonder what to do with all those extra eggs? This little eBook shows you a number of ways to preserve them: freezing, pickling, dehydrating, larding, and water glassing. Also discusses shelf life, off-grid methods of preservation, and how to have fresh eggs all winter long. An excellent addition to every homestead and preparedness library.

General Comments and Precautions
Fresh Eggs
How To Freeze Eggs
How To Pickle Eggs
How To Dehydrate Eggs
How To Water Glass Eggs
How To Lime Eggs
How To Lard (Or Oil) Eggs
How To Have Fresh Eggs All Winter
Off-grid Alternatives to Refrigeration
Another Possibility
Wrapping It Up

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