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The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos from 5 Acres & A Dream
an eBook series by Leigh Tate

How-To Soil Tests
How-To Home Soil Tests: 10 DIY tests for texture, pH, drainage, earthworms & more

Offers simple at-home tests for soil texture, pH, drainage, and earthworm counts. Also how to read soil colors and how to read your plants. Includes charts, tables, glossary, further resources, how to make your own pH paper, and why all soil lab test results are not the same. A good resource for gardeners, homesteaders, and homeschoolers.

What Is Soil?
How To Determine Soil Texture
Touch Test
Ball & Ribbon Test
Soil Texture By Feel Chart
Canning Jar Test
Texture Triangle (chart)
How To Use the USDA Web Soil Survey
How To Test Soil pH
How To Dig a Soil Sample
Kitchen pH Test
Red Cabbage pH Test
How To Make Cabbage pH Paper
Litmus or pH Paper Test
pH Meter Testing
How To Read Soil Colors
How To Test For Drainage
How To Do an Earthworm Test
How To Read Your Plants
Symptoms of Deficiency
What Your Weeds Can Tell You
Why All Soil Lab Results Aren't The Same

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